Posted February 23rd, 2013 in Blog by Rick Hill

Alice'sContemporary film often reflects the sentiments of its audience and initiates varied emotions that are generated well beyond the subject matter of the movie itself. In this regard, the music, location, and lighting of the film can serve as a window into a deeper set of emotions and yearnings. This is for the simple reason that images and sounds link our consciousness with the unconscious to bring back memories of the past to reinforce the thoughts and feelings of the present.
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Posted February 3rd, 2013 in Blog by Rick Hill

little_red_schoolhouseIn the book Small Wonder, author Jonathan Zimmerman, covers the history of the one room school house and describes how the Little Red School House became an American icon. In his book he poses the question which asks if the school house is a relic or an enduring and relevant image of American Culture.
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