Posted October 26th, 2013 in Bardstown by Rick Hill

zoning 4An editorial in the Kentucky Standard on October 20, 2013, began with an accurate statement—building permits are facts of life. In its editorial, the Standard was responding to a controversy about a ramp to a residential home. Neighbors had constructed the ramp to enable a child with a disability to have independent access to the house, without the required permits.


The Kentucky Standard is an award-winning newspaper and an asset to Bardstown and Nelson County. However, for some unknown reason, the Standard’s editorial board adopted a preachy tone: “What those people failed to realize was that the commission didn’t cause the problem. They’re just doing their job which is to enforce regulations.” The editorial continued: “It’s much easier to attack a faceless agency than to acknowledge that the issue is not with the commission, but rather with the property owner, who failed to follow legal protocol.”

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Posted October 14th, 2013 in Bardstown by Rick Hill

rampfinal-342x256Last week a zoning code controversy broke out in Bardstown, KY concerning a residential ramp that was constructed by neighbors to allow a physically challenged child access to her home without assistance.  It seems that such ramps require a $250 building permit and since the ramp was within 25 feet of the public sidewalk – an apparent code violation, another $250+/- fee was required to request a variance.  Letters of non-compliance were sent out by the city with various forms of threats in an attempt to gain compliance and to collect the $500+ in fees.  Regional and local media reported the story and soon international social media caught wind, resulting in an ugly image of greedy and a less than compassionate city government. Continue Reading »