Bike sharing for Bardstown is the way to go.
Posted September 7th, 2013 in Bardstown and tagged , , by Rick Hill

bikes (1)A small town’s downtown, especially one that relies on tourism and one that has been designated as a national historic district, like Bardstown can become static and lose its appeal.  Strict controls on storefront improvements can result in an adverse impact that results in a stagnated, aging, and dated marketplace.  Vital retail streets require change, innovation and the new to remain appealing to contemporary consumers.


One small suggestion:  Add a bike sharing and rental system in downtown Bardstown similar to the ones springing up across the U.S.  Such bike sharing programs consist of clusters of rental stations spread throughout a community.  A cluster may have 20 color fat tire bikes with baskets and GPS guidance systems.  They are used by locals for recreation, a quick ride to a local business, students traveling between home and schools, and visitors who want to explore town past the town’s short main street.  Bardstown’s flat and  grid pattern of streets, and close proximity of homes, schools, civic institutions, restaurants, and businesses create an ideal environment for such a program.

The bike system would have many benefits ranging from symbolic and community enriching to economic development for a variety of reasons.  First, it would be a fresh and new addition to the downtown.  Clusters of colorful and branded bikes located on courthouse square, North Third Street near Broadway, the schools and other locations would make a statement about healthy community interaction.  It would also provide a new activity center for local residents and provide town visitors a cheap new way to explore the town.


Google maps, signs designating bike routes, and share the road bike lanes would assist in calming traffic, keeping people in town longer, and bring citizens together among many other benefits.


The cost of such a system is very modest, especially with sponsorship opportunities and rental fees.  All it takes is progressive leadership to make it happen and lead moving through the relative minor obstacles that could slow the implementation, but ones that progressive towns are quickly overcoming.


Take a look at a few of the links below.


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