Q. What Geographic Areas do you work in?
A. We have worked in every major metropolitan market in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Middle East, East Africa and Asia. We accept engagements in all cities and nations that are enriching and where our work is valued and appreciated.
Q. Do you produce all of your work in-house?
A. No. We maintain the core skills necessary to create successful real estate developments. But we always assemble the best possible team for each unique project. In this regard, we serve as a facilitator, orchestrator and director of leading professional talent that is required for each project.
Q. Do you collaborate with other firms?
A. Yes. We are a team player and we know our work is improved by working with the best in the industry. We have a long history of teaming up with private sector owners and developers, institutions, governments, financiers, capital markets, land planners, architects, engineers, and contractors. We are comfortable leading and following depending on the complexity of a project and the skills of the other team players.
Q. How can you be an expert in my unique market?
A. We approach each project as a learning experience. We enjoy the discovery of the unique qualities of a new market through a proven process that uncovers and defines the essence of a community. We are therefore, never quick to assume and we do not bring formulaic solutions to existing market opportunities. We have found that a healthy balance of local knowledge and a willingness to look at local conditions from broader perspective leads to the best developments.
Q. How are you paid for your work?
A. We work on a fixed fee basis for each assignment based on a well-defined scope of work, time lines and deliverables. Fees are typically broken into phases such as project organization, market research, financial planning, merchandising strategies, project conceptualization and design management, and delivery of a final strategic plan.


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