What We Know


J. Richard Hill brings a broad perspective of the retail marketplace derived from work in malls, shopping centers, urban districts, main streets, attractions, resorts and hotels.
We have learned that some select shopping destinations generate 40% or more of their sales from visitors to a market; high net worth individuals spend at a prolific level in luxury resorts when shopping opportunities are available; the capture of time is critical success factor in certain marketplaces; the market in tourist locations change each week; marketplaces are increasingly becoming detached from fixed locations; property size and distance from a consumer’s home are the primary determinants in some shopping decisions and not in others.
Our knowledge of such a diverse array of property types supports our position that vital and relevant marketplaces must become places of socialization, cultural production and creative expression along with hosting a compelling mix of merchants.


Harvest Hall, Bridges of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, MN.

Harvest Hall, Bridges of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, MN