How We Work


We constantly study macro and micro trends in finance, consumer attitudes and the performance of shopping center formats and various retail channels. Our work focuses on fashion, home goods, entertainment, and dining in both traditional and nontraditional marketplaces. We monitor interest and cap rates and the spread between the two and compare each to various investment vehicles and projected inflation rates. The product of this portion of our work is a predictive analysis model that is used to create the optimum development strategy for a specific property with the following process.


Assignments begin with a physical survey of a market with a focus on:

  • Shopping centers
  • Existing retailers
  • Neighborhoods
  • Transportation patterns
  • Physical barriers

We then collect detailed market intelligence about the performance of existing retail centers and to compare the findings with national benchmarks such as:

  • Merchant mix
  • Sales and rents
  • Trade area
  • Market share
Buying Power

Next, we develop a detailed profile of the buying power of a market based on reliable data sources including:

  • Census of Retail Trade
  • Survey of Consumer Buying
  • Demographic and income profiles
  • Lifestyle segmentation studies

Upon the completion of Steps I-III we estimate the sales potential of a potential trade area.


We then develop merchandising scenarios and proposed tenant mixes and use sophisticated retail gravity models to test the merchandising scenarios.

Sales & Rents

The final product estimates the probability of capturing sales from a defined market and estimates the sales and obtainable rents that are likely to be generated from the site.