Singing YMCA in Bardstown, KY
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Village People or Village Idiots?

Village People or Village Idiots?

You know it’s election season in Nelson County when you hear the chorus of political candidates singing Y-M-C-A. They pretend they represent the village people, but in actuality, they’re more like the village idiots.


Two comments made by candidates in recent debates especially stand out. First, a candidate mentioned that the county needs an indoor swim facility but argued that such a facility should not be part of a YMCA. Second, the same candidate suggested that a YMCA would compete with local fitness centers and argued that this is not something the county should encourage.
These statements clearly indicate that there is a big difference between knowing how to spell YMCA and understanding that a state-of-the-art YMCA could do a lot of good for our area.


We need a far more encompassing plan for community-wide health than a pool in a metal shed. And we’re not going to achieve communal fitness goals in a strip-mall fitness center with a dozen spinning machines. Have candidates even stepped into a state-of-the-art YMCA facility, with its focus on health and nutrition and its family-centered recreation, physical conditioning, strength, and therapeutic activities? One must assume not: If they had more than a passing familiarity with the types of amenities the Y offers, they would have never made their uninformed statements.

Yes, Nelson County and Bardstown need an indoor Olympic-size competitive and recreational swim facility. Let’s hope we elect leaders at the county judge, mayor, magistrate, and city council level that have the vision to make this happen. But we need, want and deserve more. This will require an elected leadership that can create a community-wide vision of a healthy and physically active citizenship that will confront the myriad health-related challenges facing Nelson County and Bardstown.


A song that envisions a standalone indoor swimming pool in a metal shed on a former cornfield and a scattering of strip center gyms is totally out of tune with the community. It not only demonstrates a complete lack of creativity, it demonstrates a total disregard for the collective health of our community. The citizens of Nelson County deserve a one-stop indoor family fitness hub connected to a system of trails, athletic fields and parks that answers the fitness needs for all ages, all demographics, and all fitness levels. Wise candidates should show us a whole and complete vision to enhance the health of the community, and then resolve to spell out a strategy to make it happen – instead of signing the same old tune.


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