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J. Richard Hill & Co. is an international real estate consultancy focusing on human-centered marketplaces – including malls, shopping centers, main streets, high streets, urban districts, planned communities, new towns, hotels, resorts and tourist destinations.

We provide vital support services in all phases of development, including real estate and market research, strategic planning, design programming, economic modeling, and project branding solutions. We also participate in financing, entitlement, development, consumer marketing and leasing processes.

Our objective is to create solutions to real estate challenges that are market-driven, income- producing and sustainable – economically, socially and environmentally – over the long term.

In response to an online shopping environment that is shifting markets toward low-price platforms, we seek to reconnect people to real world marketplaces that are thoughtful, human-scale, enriching, and vital to their communities.

Our clients are located in North America, Hawaii, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They include leading organizations from the public sector as well as private and institutional capital: such as Aetna Life Insurance, New York Life, Teachers Insurance, Stanford University Pension Fund, Magna Entertainment, KSL Resorts, Haseko, Strategic Hotels & Resorts, and the City of Atlanta.


J. Richard (Rick) Hill brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Trained in the visual arts, he is a close observer of contemporary culture, art, architecture and communications – with a deep understanding of both traditional and nontraditional marketplaces.

His work spans the globe, and nearly four decades, in project design, retail and consumer trends, and marketing strategies for commercial real estate developments. He has directed and programmed strategies for 160+ properties, including some of the most innovative (highly regarded) real estate projects in the world.

His work led IKEA to enter the U.S. market in 1984. He created the initial strategy for the sponsor pavilions of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. He developed strategies for visitor services in eleven national parks. And he created Nike’s Great Races of America, which became the largest high school team event in the nation.

Rick has also led the concepting and design of some of the world’s most exciting new resort destinations, including the retail, dining, and entertainment planning for Wai Kai, a first-of-its-kind, 2-billion-dollar, waterfront resort in Oahu, Hawaii. And he is currently directing the creative and strategic planning of a 10-million square foot indoor Riverwalk in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

And he continues to learn from his relationships with private and institutional owners, public officials, real estate professionals, capital markets, land planners and architects, and real estate brokers. The result is a unique ability to approach each project with personal insight informed by the best practices of leading real estate professionals and successful developments.

Rick has received numerous awards, from the Urban Land Institute, the International Council of Shopping Centers, and the United States Track & Field Federation. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Shopping Centers Today, and Runners World.
Rick’s unique talent is his ability to assimilate information and inspiration from a vast array of sources – cultural, academic, and market-related.

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