We plan and craft real world consumer
marketplaces for urban districts, high streets, main streets,
villages, resorts, shopping centers & malls
We provide comprehensive market research studies that define and quantify a trade area, target consumers and their buying characteristics, sustainable project size, and the sales and rent potential of the site. MORE »
We create the underlying concepts that become the foundation of transformative real estate developments resulting in greater market share, accelerated lease-up, and higher property values. MORE »
We develop detailed cost and income projections that are modeled, filtered, and refined and distilled under a variety of scenarios that result in a pragmatic strategy that can be effectively managed on the down side. MORE »
Our planning services are based on applied knowledge. We are market and transaction driven & deliver branding, financing, rezoning and development solutions for a wide variety of projects. MORE »
We have been lifelong students of contemporary culture and the consumer. Research on consumer buying trends, shopping behavior, changing attitudes is an on-going foundation of the company.
We live in the real world marketplace and constantly traveling in search of new concepts and better solutions in the consumer goods distribution channel. As such, we see a dynamic global marketplace rich with possibilities that require local and specific solutions. MORE »
Retail gravity models, demographic data, consumer expenditure patterns, the census of retail commerce, sales to rent ratios, internal rates of return, property valuations, cap rates, and many more macro and micro economic models are a primary source of our work. MORE »
Having branded, marketed, leased and operated many millions of square feet of retail, restaurant and entertainment space we truly understand retail in both traditional and nontraditional marketplaces ranging from malls to urban districts and from resorts to waterfronts. MORE »
Find here links to valuable news regarding the consumer marketplace, urban redevelopment, commercial development, planning, retail, and architecture. Enjoy our lists of leading malls, highest volume restaurants, and the best specialty shops. MORE »
We enjoy sharing our insights, thoughts and knowledge through this website. Read our blogs about emerging trends, the next big idea, and lessons learned. Feel free to share your thoughts, tells us what you think. MORE »
Rick Hill is a widely published writer. His favorite subjects include unique shops & cafes, urban districts & main streets, and shopping center innovation. Read some of his articles to gain insight into a unique world of marketplace crafting, infused by 30 years of research, projections and creative solutions. MORE »