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J Richard Hill


“As a PhD Psychologist, with an interest in the exceptional mind, I urge the reader to absorb Rick Hill's explanation of his methods as reflections of a true genius. Hill describes his unfolding methods as an interwoven, multi-dimensional tapestry of space, time, color, and human interaction. He both honors past teachers and welcomes any new input. Such sensitivity and maturation is rare. What an opportunity for synergism with other exceptional peers in his field!

I do hope you take the opportunity to communicate with him. Such men are rare. And, if you comprehend and appreciate Rick's methods and vision, then, so are you!”

Dr. Carey Charles
“It took me some time to give your strategic plan the attention it deserves, but I finally read every word of it. Twice. Thank you for putting so much time and care and detail into such a professional presentation.  I cherish having the first draft copy and only regret that I don’t have your autograph on it… yet.”

Sam Brannan
Chief Development Officer
“Rick you mentally record experiences of people as lessons and inspiration for making other places. Your approach to art and place making is not common and you are gifted at perceiving that vitality and craft. You are among the crazy people who hang out in our frame of trying to make a better physical and experiential world. Thank you for doing that. I admire your perseverance.”

Roland S. Aberg
“The best word to describe Rick is "creative". He is at the cutting edge of the latest design ideas, especially when it comes to developing while respecting the context of a site within a given area. He is a leader in neo-traditional land planning. We have worked together on projects where I have witnessed first-hand his ideas at work, which have impressed clients and decision-makers alike.”

Bill Bardenwerper
Land Use Attorney
J Richard Hill
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