Real Estate Strategy Consultancy



Our approach is based on Rick Hill’s principles of marketplace crafting. To Rick, every project is a unique creative act – the product of many hands, many minds, many voices. He assembles teams to meet a specific set of requirements – drawing from a wide range of disciplines including data scientists, land planners, architects, set designers, visual artists, brokers, tenant representatives, copy and creative writers, illustrators, videographers, graphic designers, and environmental experience designers.

Work begins with an intensive period of creative exploration in which the team generates the big idea, or core concept, that will inform (animate) all aspects of the customer experience. It’s the kind of collaborative thinking that is required to differentiate a physical marketplace and sustain it in today’s complex retail environment.

This initial concept is then cross-pollinated with the best ideas derived from the team’s worldwide knowledge base. It is tested against big data market research that drills down to targeted consumer segments. And finally the concept is further refined through pragmatic economic modeling.

Our rigorous, multidisciplinary process is unique in the industry/category. The result is a higher level of customer engagement and, consequently, a significant increase in trade when measured across key criteria: more catchment areas, higher footfall rates, longer stays, greater spend rates and higher sustainable rents – all leading toward optimized property value.


Trend Analysis
J. Richard Hill & Co. is recognized as one of the leading innovators in real estate project positioning. By closely observing cultural trends in art, fashion, architecture, and entertainment, we discover the next big thing in retail, restaurants, entertainment and hospitality.
International Marketplaces
Our work in eight countries - in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America - has given us a global perspective and knowledge base. And distinct added value when it comes to envisioning projects for our clients.
Real Estate Economics
Real Estate
We know the best ideas and most innovative designs in real estate must be economically viable to be sustainable. We have studied the economics of hundreds of operating developments and thousands of tenants to build highly pragmatic financial models for the projects of our clients.
Best Practices
In every assignment we learn from numerous design and real estate professionals. We take the approach that all parties are a source of great ideas, yet we constantly assimilate, distill and evolve our knowledge of best practices. Our goal, after all, is to perfect our own approach and provide our clients with the best possible development strategies.
Best Concepts
We travel the world in constant search of the best new retail, hospitality, and entertainment concepts. We have a deep understanding of the most relevant real estate concepts, measured by sales performance, concept sustainability, and overall market acceptance.
Brokers and Tenant Reps
Brokers &
Tenant Reps
We have close relationships with brokers and tenant reps in all major national brokerage firms. We therefore strive to present projects to key decision-makers through the most straightforward channel, whether it's with a leading broker or direct to the tenant.
Design Process
Our design management practice brings focus to the design process with detailed use plans, space utilization plans, fit models, and economic guidelines. We also involve numerous design disciplines in our early steps of concept development to maximize creative idea generation and the development of a variety of options.
Planners and Architects
& Architects
Design excellence is one of the hallmarks of our company. Throughout his career, Rick has collaborated with many of the world's leading land planners and architects. He is highly respected by design professionals for his design acument, and it is one of the primary reasons his work stands the test of time.