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J Richard Hill


Mesa, AZ

Water based adventure resort and attraction

Rick Hill was engaged by two surfing and scuba diving enthusiasts and developers from the Phoenix, Arizona market to collaborate on the realization of their dream, which was to create a water based adventure resort and attraction in the desert.

The primary concept of Waveyard was to develop hotels, condos, apartments and a village of shops around a lagoon with the world’s largest surf pool and a one mile long Olympic white water rafting course. Other planned attractions included a saltwater dive world, technical kayaking plunge pools and an ice climbing wall.

Working with the New York office of Callison Architects, a plan was developed for 180,000 square feet of shops, restaurants and cafes. Shops and cafes were organized in four districts. The first district was a beach zone situated to be developed along the world’s largest manmade surf pool. The district included a boardwalk with cabana shops and walk-up food stands with common seating areas. The second district clustered outdoor adventure shops together and the third district included more upscale fashion shops and restaurants in a mythical village. The fourth district was an island entertainment center.

Attractions: Kayak plunge pool, 1-mile white water course
Hotels: 3
Shops: 100
Restaurants: 12
J Richard Hill
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